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Wow, what a conference trip!Conrec Infinity is back home after a very memorable trip to Barcelona. A trip full of surprises, fun activities, amazing foodRead More »
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The summer has given us the opportunity to recharge our batteries and the honor to strengthen the team with new faces within Conrec Infinity withRead More »
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Senior Tech Lead at SiB Solutions AB Are you an experienced developer who wants to take the next step in your career in the roleRead More »
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We welcome Danijel Katic to Conrec Infinity.Danijel strengthens the test team and begins his assignment in the role of Technical Tester.Why did Danijel choose ConrecRead More »
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Conrec Infinity Amsterdam Last year, the team at Conrec Infinity was on a conference trip in lovely Amsterdam. The focus of the trip was teambuilding,Read More »
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Curious to hear how Conrec Infinity develops the skills of its employees and has continued to grow?Read more about the exciting collaboration with Motive ManagementRead More »
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Daniel has solid experience in the test area through various roles, most recently in the role of Test Leader where Daniel worked closely with theRead More »
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Merima is a social person who is happy to share her positive energy with those around her. Merima starts out with a customer in anRead More »
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When are you really full?We believe that personal development takes place continuously and is an important part of everyday life. Another educational workshop ended withRead More »